1. All my new Paintings are up on the walls & for Sale at Hot & Cold in Hillsboro Village for July & August. Next to Fido.

  2. My newest paintings are now for sale exclusively at Hot & Cold in Hillsboro Village, next to Fido in Nashville.





  6. lady-tangerine said: I don't know if you remember, but I bought one of your tiny paintings at GMX! I was cosplaying as Lumpy Space Princess :) just wanted to let you know that the Ice King is proudly displayed in my new apartment, bringing a wonderful feeling of sensitive desperation to the room :)

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear that she has a good home. Were you at MTAC this weekend? I painted a ‘grumpy space cat’ this time.


  7. Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 004 - SXSW Warehouse DJ Mustard DJ Set by BOILER ROOM

  9. Remember How You always wanted a Print of a Sand Trooper With a Black Cat exploding from his chest in an Barrage of Hexagons & Paint Splatter? I want you to have your dreams come true: 


  10. I Love finding my artwork shared with others & Happy to see it so well liked!  thanks cspranklerun !

  12. Finishing up a reproduction of a commissioned trout painting in my art/tramplamp studio

  14. Swarm 



  15. My business Card Holder I made for Hot & Cold